8 facts about North Korea.

Usually the media in North Korea is presented as a completely isolated country that is willing to destroy anything and everything in their own power ambitions. Maybe some truth in all of this is, but still North Korea is more than just an isolated little world.

Marijuana/hemp is not prohibited

In fact, in North Korea, marijuana is not considered a drug, it can even be transported by stacks, smoke, there is no one word to say. Many local smoke cannabis regularly. By the way, hard drugs are forbidden in North Korea under penalty of death.

If North Korea could easily get rushed there would be hundreds of thousands of lovers of Smoking “grass”.

Six American soldiers defected to the North Korea in 1962 and still live there

Yes, not only the northerners run across on the party of southerners, but in North Korea passed enemy soldiers. So, back in the 60’s in North Korea left six U.S. military. Some threw in the homeland relatives and friends.

Six Americans now live in North Korea together, participating in various awareness programmes Koreans. The interesting thing is that in 1966, four soldiers wanted to leave North Korea and tried to appeal to the Soviet Embassy. But nothing happened, the Embassy refused to help. So all these people stay in North Korea today. Of course, some of them are married and feel good.

North Korea has captured an American ship

And, namely, North Korea remains the only country in the world that has captured the ship of the United States. The capture occurred in 1968. It’s a scout ship, which was discovered in time by North Korean intelligence and captured. With the team, of course, treated very poorly. Only a year later the American government was able to return sailors home.

Korea is not a Communist country

Yes, in 2009 the terms “communism” and “Communist” have been removed from the Constitution. Now the country has official course, ideology is Juche. This doctrine has replaced Marxism-Leninism when the country adopted a new Constitution (in 1972).

According to this ideology, the citizens of North Korea are the builders of the new world, including the political, economic and other spheres. North Korea on Juche — self-sufficient country or, at least, should become such.

North Korea is now 103 year

The Juche calendar was introduced in 1997 and remains the official calendar of the country. A starting date in the calendar — the birthday of the first head of the new country, Kim Il-Sung. He was born April 15, 1912. This year is referred to as Juche 1. The whole system is built on the Gregorian calendar, only the system of counting years, as we see, is shifted.

North Korea is the biggest stadium in the world

This is an outdoor stadium in Pyongyang can accommodate 150 thousand people. Can’t believe it is always Packed during official holidays, when are a really unique view. Besides, Koreans love to root for the football team, and also to watch other sports. The stadium was built in 1989.

In 2012, North Korean scientists have found the remains of a unicorn

And this is no joke — indeed, North Korean scientists announced their discovery to the world. They claim that the unicorn belonged to the founder of the medieval Korean Kingdom TopMenu. Found the remains belong to the time period, 918-1392 ad.

Of course, this does not hold water, over North Korean scientists and foreign colleagues just laughed. Now the leader of the nation is often depicted sitting on a unicorn (and sometimes he still holds in his hands the magic wand).

In Korea there are “tables of ranks”

Only 51 of these ranks, and they are based, so to speak, on the degree of trust of official authorities to the citizens. In other words, more trustworthy citizen, the more he is committed to his country and its leaders, the higher its rank. Well, and this, in turn, has consequences for the citizens. The salary level, the number of benefits, the opportunity to buy food — all of it is determined by the ranks.

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