A Review of Asia hotel 3

The hotel is placed quite profitable from the point of view of transport facilities, is located in Beldibi, 12 kilometers from the Turkish town of Kemer. From the nearest airport in Antalya to the hotel you have to drive almost 40 miles. To the capital of Turkey, a long commute is not necessary, just a hundred kilometers, and you have a goal, you can go for a hike or walk to Istanbul and return from there on the same day. For shopping there is the opportunity to go to Kemer, where prices will pleasantly surprise tourists.

Near the hotel there is mini market where you can cheaply and quickly buy your desired vacation attributes, and the private hotel beach just a five minute walk.

Description of rooms in Asia hotel 3*.

The five-storey hotel has 68 rooms placed, a number of which are fixed: there are single rooms for two and three-bedroom family. The rooms are cozy, bright and clean, and pleasing to the eye the view of the sea. The repairs are carried out routinely and as needed. Daily cleaning and linen change 2-3 times a week, change of towels shower four times a week.

The room has air conditioning, TV, balcony, and mini bar. There is a shower room with Hairdryer and toilet. The operation of the air conditioner can not complain, the air in the room fresh, and the temperature maintained at a constant level. In the shower there is hot and cold water, which supply is uninterrupted.

Interior decoration of the rooms is kept simple and tasteful, and the decor is similar with home, and color scheme adjusts to the enjoyment of the stay.

A description of the site 3 Asia*.

Situated in close proximity to the sea has a positive impact on the environment and the surrounding area. Everywhere there are lush green palm plantations and the beach is visible even from the Windows of hotel rooms. The area for construction of the hotel is well chosen, and recently acquired various objects of the service. It provided with pool with water slide, bar and disco under the open sky. Within the hotel there is Internet cafes, which you can use to make payment. Also features a spacious media room. Near the hotel building also has a car rental Desk, Parking, a market with cheap goods.

The food in the hotel Asia 3*.

Is carried out on the system “all inclusive” that offers travelers a full set of dishes – soups, second dishes and salads, drinks and dessert. Meals are provided three times a day, at set times, and is held in the dining room. Menus don’t differ much, but there are main dishes. Several times a week with fruits.

Cooks work to prepare food without problems, but they are not independent, like living a national cuisine. All meals are prepared exclusively from her for many tourists are dissatisfied. Pleased with the abundance of food and drinks, including alcohol, the main volume of which this Turkish wine.

The animation at the Asia hotel 3*.

This kind of hotel service is not listed in the list of employees provided in the state of which not listed of professional animators. No corporate events, the hotel also is not carried out. Your leisure time is free living to build yourself. For this, the hotel has various entertainment facilities. Several bars, restaurant and discos, occupying the evening time of leisure living. While resting during the day you can be on the beach or in a gym where there are a small number of simulators. There is a possibility to play table tennis and beach volleyball or badminton. If there’s a need, you should visit fitness.

Organization of leisure for children in the Asia hotel 3*.

Of course, it is preferable to vacation together with their children, but if you have to go to the capital or to another city, then you can leave child with a babysitter. This service is paid, but the nannies in the hotel possess due professional care, ‘ cause tourists to worry about. The time the child will spend in the paddling pool, on the waterslide or on the beach. Other specialized places of children’s rest in the hotel is not provided, so campers must look after children and have fun in them. It is not advisable to go to the hotel Asia, if you have a small child.

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