Christmas traditions

Breakfast at the hotel.

Sightseeing tour of Tokyo – a city of samurai’s heroic history and the latest technology that changed the lives of people all over the planet.

New year walk in Central Ginza . known as the world trade showcase. The symbol of Ginza – built in 1894, the building Department Waco with a turret with a clock that every hour on the hour striking the time. Women will be interested to visit a gallery of Mikimoto pearls . Men at this time can get acquainted with the novelties of Nissan . which are presented in the exhibition center of this automotive corporations in the Ginza.

Souvenir pavilions rich historical Asakusa . where is the flavor of prewar Tokyo. The Buddhist Sensoji temple, the land which gave the great shogun and founder of the Japanese capital of Tokugawa Ieyasu. In the main hall of the temple placed the original image of the Goddess of Mercy – Kannon. National treasure crafts – shopping street Nakamise-Dori. The bell, which tolled the time in the Edo period.

^ Farewell to the old year and guessing at a Shinto Shrine, Meiji Jingu Shrine, dedicated to mutsuhito the Emperor (Meiji) – the founder of modern Japan. To the sanctuary, which is a characteristic unique example of temple architecture in the style of Nagarajuna, leads a broad gravel road with a huge torii gate. The temple is located in the center of the Park, which presents more than 100 thousand trees and shrubs from all over the country.

In the temple of Mejdzi You can try guessing cherished desire and to try to appeal directly to the Shinto gods to help them to be fulfilled.

But you need to fulfil some special rules.

First of all, before entering the temple you must rinse your hands and mouth in the sacred fountain. This custom is typical for all Japanese temples: a ritual purification is the main action in the Shinto religion.

In the temple you have to throw a few coins into the sacred altar. Coin toss must be far away, rang. Then Wake up the deities from the sacred slumber and draw You to his favourable attention.

This is followed twice to worship the temple, twice clap your hands once again to draw the attention of the Shinto deities, and then again to worship the temple.

To reinforce the appeal to the gods can petition in writing. For this, the temple servants sell sacred wood plank “EMA” with the symbol of the new year. On the reverse side of the boards wishing to write their wishes and hang the plate on one of the special stands around an ancient tree at the temple. In the end, these “petitions” will be burned in the sacred fire, and all requests will go to heaven to the gods with the smoke. Shinto divination will allow You to lift the veil and People available to look a bit forward on the road of their Destiny.

In front of the temple – complex, its shape reminiscent of a hybrid of “flying saucers” and a Shinto temple with its sharp roof. In this complex, which was built by the famous architect Kenzo Tange in 1964 were the first Japanese to land the Olympics.

The tour route passes through the quarter the young and fashion – Harajuku. On weekends, young people gather with fancy hairstyles and outfits in the original, live cartoon characters-anime.

During the excursion You will pass through a quarter of Kasumigaseki is the political center of Japan, where Central government departments and is built in 1936 the building of the national Parliament.

In the evening, transfer on new year cruise on Tokyo Bay with dinner and champagne 23.00-01.00.

Independent return to hotel.

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