Cycling in Japan

1984 . More recently, cyclists in Japan were diligent students of the role, gaining the necessary experience at major international tournaments. Representatives of the Country of the rising sun is often seen with a camera, cameras, pens, and notepads. Supervisory the Japanese did not take her eyes off of kings sprint past years — our of Tula Sergey Kopylov and his perennial rival from the GDR Lutz Huslia, as well as with other leading racers of the world, setting the pace on the Cycling forums.

In 1979, the racers Japan were invited to visit Berlin in winter track, where they left a good impression. So, in international competitions with the participation of sprinters GDR, USSR, Czechoslovakia, Poland and England, the leader of the team of those years Shido won a bronze medal, and his friend, Ho declared his intentions are still high on the Olympic track in Montreal, taking quite honorable 5th place, leaving behind a well-known Dane Freiberga, the Italian Rossi, pole Cocotte.

Already in those years the leaders of the International Federation of professional Cycling (FICP), concerned about the decline of audience interest of the West to sprint on the track among the “pros”, with the secret hope have turned their eyes toward Japan, where local enterprising businessmen from the sport came up with something original: sprint on Japanese manners that have nothing to do with the traditional fights of the masters of speed.

In Europe the Japanese premiere took place in front of astonished spectators in Munich’s Olympic track three days before the start of the world Cup.

The group sprint behind a motorbike “Pull” or, as it is called, “the keirin”

quickly caught on the European tracks has found widespread in the preparation of fans and the following year was included in the program of the world professional Championships, where new trendsetters has taken the forefront. And it is not by accident. In Japan, “the keirin” is very popular in all fifty tracks of the country.

“Keirin” is a race on the track group of athletes (7-8 people) for the leader of a motorbike. Riders will cover the distance of 7-8 laps depending on track length. With each circle leader is increasing its speed, bringing it to maximum on the last lap, and then drives off to the side. Speeding cyclists and compete for the finish line.

As on horse races and dog races, here in full power working underground betting, extorting from gullible fans of two-wheeled friend huge profits. Only in recent years that bike show was visited by nearly 40 million viewers. Note that this figure is unknown for European tracks.

To participate in these races is not easy. It is necessary to pass a year of studies in a special school, where there is a strict regime and military discipline, then everyone must pass an examination in theoretical and practical training and only then is the initiation to the professionals.

Diligently the Japanese have succeeded not only in “the keirin”, but in the sprint among professionals, which highlighted Nakano and Takashi.

Finally, its weighty word said and the fans, surprisingly surpassing the world’s elite. At the world championship in Zurich the winner of the Asian games 1982 T. Sakamoto took 10 th place in the Gita from place to 1 km with a result of 1.06,68 and was sixth in the sprint, and the next line in the table is occupied by his teammate K. Nakatake.

Real sensation racers Japan has made on the world Junior Championships in New Zealand. On the bends of the track “cook garden” T. G. Wanganui Sake in one of the races showed on the last 200 m the result 10,84— a new world for juniors. In the finals, Japanese Sprinter proved his record was not accidental. He twice beat the Muscovite Nikolay Bucket and took his world title. The author’s sensation has confidently supported the X. Fujii, took 4th place in the sprint.

This success sprinters-fans from Japan have not achieved on the world stage, but they are doing their first steps in Cycling.

— We went to a sprint is not surprising,— says the Manager of a Japanese Amateur Cycling on the track and on the highway Hideaki Guevara, sprint is consistent cast of thoughts of our people, besides, in our country in high esteem “keirin”. Our program, which began in 1978, is designed to 1988 and in the past season we have not used all our opportunities.

these words should be heeded. The Japanese always take the case thoroughly and do not intend to stop there.

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