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Recording of the webinar “the Peculiarities of marketing and sales in the it business in Southeast Asia”

April 8 for owners, managers and marketing specialists of Russian IT companies interested in entering the Asian markets, hosted an online webinar «Features of sales and marketing of it in South-East Asia”. The webinar was organized by iTrend on the order of NP “RUSSOFT” and “Russian venture company” (RVC).

Webinar presenters – the businesspeople who already have experience of promoting their companies in the Asian markets, in an unfamiliar economic, cultural and political conditions, – told about the main differences between the markets of South-East Asia, the peculiarities of the business culture and thinking in the countries of the region and about the tools that should be used to search partners in Asia. The webinar was organized within the framework of the strategic project of RVC to support the export of Russian companies, the operator of which in the direction of information technology – Association «RUSSOFT”. The last online meeting was the first in a series of open educational lectures for the IT companies, which will be held in the framework of the program of export support. Lectures are open to everyone to join them can the representatives of companies interested in introducing his business to foreign markets.

One of the leading webinar was Mikhail Chereshnev, Chief Business Officer, APAC, Noda Interaction Platforms. He shared his experience of marketing and sales in the Philippines, where the company for three years occupied a prominent place in the market of IT solutions for contact centers. Michael emphasized that in Asian countries it is necessary to have an office in which to work, local specialists. He explained that in business expansion to the Asian market is very important to the company name: euphony and approach for a particular language (e.g., Noda in Filipino literally translates as “the promise of more”). Company representatives must meet a certain level that they expect from local partners: it is not only how they look, but where we will stay during his visits to the country. Chereshnev M. advised never to forget the local cultural communication: “Be prepared for the fact that people here don’t like to say no, instead, your partner may just stop communicating. Therefore, up to five times to remind myself in the Philippines – is normally”.

General Director of SPB TV AG and SwissMed Mobile AG Kirill Filippov has noticed that in comparison with Europe and USA in South-East Asia of more easing in the regulation of the market and the markets of Southeast Asia – is a good platform for experimentation: products that have been run here for the first time, have often been successful in other markets, including in Russia. The most effective tool for finding Asian partners Cyril was named the big international exhibitions such as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: “With all our partners in Asia we met it at the exhibition in Barcelona and at the Asian exhibitions we confirmed their existing agreement”.

The third leading educational webinar was a representative of RVC in Singapore Yuri Anisimov. “Asia is very different, and the only General advice that is suitable for all countries – open their representative offices there, otherwise serious relationship to you be. This applies both to industrial companies and venture capitalists», – he said. Yuri Anisimov, in his speech elaborated on the peculiarities of the Singapore market, which is also called “light of Asia”: “Singapore has a developed infrastructure and relatively homogeneous, there are many multinational corporations that have investors, potential strategic partners, seed investments, state grants. However, we must remember that the Singapore market is small, it is good to use for pilot projects, implying that the further you plan to enter the markets of other Asian countries”. Yuri told about the opportunities provided by the government of Singapore for technology startups, peculiarities of business culture of the country and local education: “the Majority of students in Singapore are trying to get a business education, this is not a very popular technical education: this is because the country is small and if some technical direction after some time disappears, the specialist is likely to remain without work. So find here professionals for your company can be tricky”.

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