Glamur National peculiarities of business etiquette

In the age of globalization, successful business woman conducts business worldwide, one of the most rapidly developing regions, with whom the Israeli business woman established close business relations – Asia.

How to look elegant in Asia and the Far East, both to Express individuality and not to disturb the ancient traditions of the host party? We will continue our virtual trip around the world together with the main designer brand clothes for successful women, Rivka Mausner Mausner, which does business with many successful countries in the world and will help us to look respectable and appropriate at the biggest and most powerful countries of the Asian region.

Conservative Japan

If You imagine a business woman and Japan, dressed in silk kimono, it is deeply mistaken. Dress code business environment in Japan today is closer to European. Many companies prefer that their employees wore a uniform, a suit is usually a neutral color and classic style. Of course, from a foreigner no one expects that she will put on the uniform of the negotiations.

However, remembering about the known conservatism of Japanese people, you need to choose for a business meeting or to participate in workshop clothes with classic style. Suppose not only a pantsuit, but the costume with the dress, the hands must be closed.

Colors are very important. Some colleagues who have visited Japan, told me that the Japanese partners, having met several times guest in the bright and colorful outfits, discreetly hinted that can give addresses of shops selling “more appropriate” things. To not be offended here – this Board corresponds to Japanese notions of propriety. And not to get into an awkward situation, it is better to choose plain clothing of black, gray or blue, in the summertime allowable beige, sand, the color of coffee with milk.

China — of decency at the forefront

For residents of Chinese decent appearance is one of the manifestations of respect for other people. As for the Chinese themselves, they even in hot weather, prefer to wear to work suits of dark tones.

Well, Mausner new collection You’ll find elegant pantsuit smoky-grey or black – a great option for meetings with Chinese partners. Why pants? In the last decade in China was made that women prefer to wear pants.

Here is not understand a person, hung with ornaments. Valid, for example, one or two rings and a watch.

The Chinese pay special attention to the shoes in a business environment it is believed that the woman who wears flip-flops or open sandals, looks serious. Therefore it is better to give preference to classic shoes-boats.

South Korea. Modesty is the law!

In South Korea care that the clothes were modest, even at the legislative level. About a year ago all the world’s media had spread the news about the new law, adopted in South Korea, according to which the appearance in public in “immodest” clothing, for example, in a mini-skirt, was administered a significant financial penalty. This law is unlikely to apply to foreigners, but, after all, such a serious attitude of Koreans to clothing should be considered.

Therefore, going on a business trip to South Korea, make your wardrobe simple, elegant, classic things. Bright blouses and shirts, preferably plain, classic skirts below the knee and trousers. You have, of course, is perfectly fitting and figure-flattering trousers from Mausner? Make them the Foundation of your wardrobe, and in South Korea will perceive You as an equal partner and business woman.

Colorful India

And here in India is quite bright clothes is quite appropriate even in a business environment. If You will wear to a business meeting pantsuit from flax olive, bright blue, salmon and even red, no one considers it inappropriate. You should not wear clothes of white colour – in India it is the color of mourning.

Bright, large enough decoration is also permissible, in accordance with tradition, local women are wearing, and no one will be surprised if you see the flashy jewelry at Inostranka. But it is desirable to have jewelry made of precious metals and stones, not jewelry.

Another thing is that the hands, feet, chest in accordance with the Indian notions of propriety must be closed. It is best to choose a costume made of natural cotton or flax. First, this is the perfect option, given that India is not less hot, than in Israel, and secondly, in India, prefer clothes made of natural fabrics.

So, a linen pantsuit the color that suits You, a big jewelry, and You – your people in a business environment of India.

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