Interesting wedding traditions in different countries of the world

Wedding is not only an opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of life of two people, but also the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions of a particular ethnic group or nation. In this article we want to introduce you to the most interesting of them.

Ceramic products are a symbol of fertility. Therefore, the Africans use them as necklaces or as decorations for the hair. Also on the Black continent have a very interesting tradition: if the wedding is held outdoors, the earth definitely ukreplyalsya wine as a sacrifice to the gods.

Traditional Chinese wedding dress of the bride is red colour, richly embroidered with flowers (e.g., chrysanthemums or peonies), which are symbols of wealth and happiness. The groom appears wearing a black silk robe which is decorated with various images of dragons. The groom’s family traditionally gave the bride’s family a roasted pig. Also on the Chinese wedding used lots of pyrotechnics, which are believed to ward off evil spirits.

In Indonesia is not unusual. However, the number of guests must be no less than a thousand. And all the guests young should greet personally during the ceremony.

In Korea in the wedding celebrations involved the astrologer, that before the ceremony creates a horoscope in order to ascertain whether the marriage is happy. Wedding in Korea is very expensive, because only the gifts for a traditional Korean wedding can cost more than 1 000 000 kroons (approximately 25 000).

The Philippines is also famous for their traditions. Previously, very strange and funny for us Europeans was a ritual of betrothal, which was later simplified to modern wedding ceremony – wedding ring. Because now most weddings are Catholic and are three days. And on the last day, the couple linked their hands, while the priest did not cut the fetters and bless the couple.

In India and other countries where Hinduism is preached, a bad sign is that young see a few days before the wedding. Within the wedding ceremony parents of the bride and groom brac wash his feet with milk and water. This ritual symbolizes a cleansing from the “dust of the old roads” and the fact that now the young family can come to new life, started with a clean slate. Also during the wedding ceremony the couple holds in his hands the rice, oats and green leaves, which are a symbol of wealth, health and success.

In Japan purple is the color of love. The bride is dressed in a kimono richly embroidered with flowers. A wedding, as a rule, Shinto (nature spirits bless the groom) or Buddhist. In the latter case, during the wedding infused several Buddhist beads as a symbol of joining two families into one.

The bride and groom in the hands of sugar are to their future life together was sweet. Wedding guests receive a free roasted almonds in sugar, which is the symbol of fertility.

The couple in this country planted a pine tree near his house. Pine is a symbol of fertility. To the guests table leads the bridesmaid by giving them towels.

In Mexico at weddings is a very fun game. On the rope hangs a container in the shape of a star. It should rock with your eyes closed, to there fell a little sweet.

In the far East is one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, so no wonder that local wedding ceremonies have not changed for many centuries. Engagement – the first of five celebrations. The bride and groom invite family and friends. A very funny holiday. All play, sing and dance until late, and the bride changes clothes up to five times.

The signing of the marriage contract – another reason for the big celebration. On this day the bride and groom with witnesses must confirm in writing their wish to live under the same roof. On this occasion again gathered guests and the bride shows a lot of new outfits.

There is another interesting tradition called — the Night of henna. The task of this tradition is to scare away evil spirits and ensure happiness for future newlyweds. The name of the holiday may remind you of a video of Madonna, where the hands and face of the singer was painted black designs. The same procedure takes place and the future bride. In addition, several unmarried girls covered with a white veil, and another girl crushes on them pieces of sugar with prayers to protect them from evil spirits. At this feast the bride wears traditional clothes. The celebration itself takes place in the morning.


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