Korean language

Studying abroad is a great experience. especially if you are interested in foreign culture and language. And Korea is an awesome place for anyone looking to expand their horizons. If you are thinking about studying in Korea, here are 12 facts that You should expect from Korean universities.

1) among Korean universities is very high competition, especially when it comes to foreign students as they strive to meet international standards. Foreign students are a good source of cash as well as help to improve the image of the University globally. Universities can accept as many foreign students as they want, while the Ministry of education sets quotas for the admission of Korean students.

2) if you want to participate in an exchange program or to graduate from a Korean University, you need to have a good command of Korean language. Most universities require a certificate of TOPIK (test of proficiency in Korean) level 3 – 4 level and above.

3) approximately 25-30% of your lectures will be taught in English, but Korean professors, the level of English which may not be very good. Thus, knowledge of Korean and here you will find useful when you contact any of the classmates to help you.

4) comparable to the cheapest tuition and accommodation, especially for those who come from the USA. Average tuition for a year at a Korean University for 6.7 million won, about 6000$. Accommodation on campus will cost about 700 thousand won (625$).

5) every Korean student goes to sleep with thoughts about S. K. Y. These 3 letters mean 3 traditionally, the best University in Korea: Seoul national University, Korea University and Yonsei University. Even if your speciality, none of the S. K. Y. universities will not be the best diploma of one of them (especially SLEEP) can ensure you a successful life in Korea. These universities also are fierce competitors, while other universities are constantly focused on them.

6) Korean students are extremely accustomed to life in the rhythm of continuous learning. With the arrival of my student days many of them for the first time leaving the walls of their home and live in a hostel where you suddenly feel less pressure to constantly learn. This means one thing – parties! Party Korean students perhaps even more grander and more often than in your country.

7) possible pressure from peers and seniors.

8) sunbae (senior in Korea) often invite their Chuba (those who are under the age of course) for lunch, drink a soda or coffee, give advice on certain issues, they show that they took mladsheklassnikov under his “wing”. Sunbae is a very serious approach to their duties and expect that Juba turn to him at any time if they encounter difficulties.

9) many students of Korean universities work part time to partially pay for their studies or entertainment on weekends. Universities themselves hire a large number of private students for work on campus. For foreigners there will be many opportunities to work on campus, but to get a job at the campus can be tricky.

10) among Korean students is the most common way to meet a potential couple – group Dating, meetings. The group meets girl friends with a group of guys, during this meeting they find out who the more suitable. There are also more private Dating, blind dates organized by friends. Student organizations are also a place where single young people can meet.

11) transfer between universities is highly complex and is becoming increasingly difficult. For Korean students, the Ministry of education annually establishes the number of students who are allowed to move from University to University. All because the majority of students want to go to a better University. Foreigner just need to spend a minimum of 2 years in the University before he can transfer to a University in Korea.

12) studying in Korea don’t try to live your usual life, you lived in their country. The ability to adapt to Korean student life is the key to success in Korean University. You will experience culture shock, no matter how much you studied or how many Korean dramas you watched.


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