The History of tea

Tea as a beverage has its own history, which differs markedly from the history of his plants. It was called gift of the gods for the harmony of taste, aroma and useful properties. Philosophers, poets, connoisseurs worldwide dedicated to him his treatises — their tea was mesmerized by their perfection. The history of tea, surrounded by myths and legends – when the tea began to be used as a standalone drink, and by what recipe he prepares is unknown.

Tea gatherings in Russia

In Russia tea was first brought as a gift to Tsar Fyodor in 1638 and has long remained an expensive privilege, the privilege of the nobility. The wide spread of tea was only in the late nineteenth century. For tea was heated cabs, large merchants have made millions in the deal, while performers, writers and artists created their immortal works.

In Russia, where tea was brought directly from China tea tradition was enriched by the samovar, lemon, saucers and sugar vprikusku. While drinking tea from the saucer was a direct result of the use of the samovar, in which water long does not cool down. The samovar was the Central character drinking tea, along with fragrant tea, he created a certain atmosphere for peace talks.

The peasant population of Russia up to the revolution very few consumed the tea, considering it inaccessible luxury, a whim of the nobility, requiring time and free time, and considerable costs for the purchase of a samovar, Continue reading

Traditions of Valentine’s Day

Gradually the feast of Saint Valentine acquired their rites and traditions, some of them have survived to our time. And in each country they are different.

In all countries this day was very popular to arrange a wedding and get married.

Some argue that in this day a woman may come to her sweet man and politely ask him to marry her. If he is not ready for such a drastic step, we must thank for the honor and give the woman a silk dress and a silk cord strung with a heart.

In some countries, unmarried women give my beloved clothes. If the girl accepted the gift, so she agrees to marry this man.

There is a belief on which the first man he met a girl on February 14, needs to be her Valentine, regardless of his wishes.

Some people believed that if on Valentines day a girl saw a Robin, she would marry a sailor if she saw a Sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be happy with him, if the goldfinch — a millionaire.

In medieval England there was a widespread custom to choose a “Valentine”. Several young people gathered together and wrote on pieces of parchment the names of the girls, put them in a hat and drew lots. The girl, whose name fell to the young man, for the whole year became his “Valentina” but he “Valentine”. “Valentine” resigned to his girlfriend’s sonnets, Continue reading

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