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Techistan – nomads from Central Asia and their culture in Prague

Yellow and blue balloons, the sound of dombra Oriental dances and songs, the familiar smell of Asian dishes – the opening of the Second days of Kazakhstan’s culture in Prague was a success. The praguers have the opportunity until the end of the month to get acquainted with culture, traditions, history and modern development of Kazakhstan. The program runs from 4 to 25 September, and hosted a Kazakh cultural centre in the Czech Republic “Elim-AI”.

The rhythms of the Kazakh steppes and the Kirghiz of the mountains, song of immortal love, free birds and fast horses, the House of national minorities in Prague were welcomed not only Kazakhs, but also of the Prague citizens interested in culture of their new neighbors. The traditional spirit of Central Asia has been framed with photo-scenery of modern Kazakhstan. Black-eyed dlinnoye girls in colorful traditional dress and shiny skyscrapers of Astana megopolis look with photos on the viewer. From Central Asia to the Central Europe moved Gulnara’s family Andreevoj. Little daughter Gulnara – Akmaral and Barcin – brought to the Czech Republic dances of his native land. Gulnara shared with us not only the art of daughters, but also its history:

“I arrived with my husband a year ago. Of course, Prague is a city very beautiful, and the opportunities here are too good. And my children were in Bishkek, and so I brought them here. To my great joy I was able to take them to school for deaf children. And today we were there: the eldest took in seventh grade, the youngest in fourth grade. I think everything will be OK”.

Girls, despite the fact that don’t hear so good at dancing is your family tradition?

“No, it’s not a family tradition, they learned to dance in the school band. We have in Bishkek boarding school for hard of hearing and late deafened children. And that dance that you saw, choreographer Asanov put specifically that they could dance together”.

How Akmaral and Barkin like in Prague?

Photo: Filip singer, “They’re delighted, of course. Miss my friends, but I think it’s temporary. They will lead their friends. With those that remained in Bishkek they correspond SMS-kami, soon connect the Internet.”

The celebration programme was attended by Wren and Milgram, a renowned expert on Oriental dance. With a repertoire of his interpretations of Eastern choreography Rena performs at many festivals. Her dance to the beat of the tambourine harmoniously blended with the present on the evening of the folklore ensemble “Galimi”. How it got in this ensemble?

“I already do dance culture of Central Asia. Two years ago I organized the project and asked the leader of ensemble, Janyl Chytyrbaeva, on cooperation. We played together at concerts in Prague, Plzen, Brno. Every year I prepare a program about the culture of Central Asia. I am not a permanent member of the ensemble. But we like to work together.”

On the question what attracted Rena to the exotic, the choreographer replied:

“What connects me with the Kazakh and Central Asian music is pervonachalno, the authenticity of its instruments and songs. I especially love the lyrics of the songs and their lyrics. Of course, I am very interested in the rhythms of this music, which for us is unusual. I generally always attract other, exotic cultures”.

But what attracts Asians to Prague? How do they feel here? Lila Zhienbaeva enriched the evening with his performance on the lute. The value of the motives she explained to the audience in Czech. House, who came to Prague as a teenager and received his education here, Lila speaks Kazakh, and he gave an interview in Russian:

Photo: Filip singer “I like the most in Prague is the mentality. Although they say that it is very cold people, but I think this is a stereotype. I like the younger generation. I think there is an opportunity to rationally develop their thoughts, feelings and knowledge. And here is the chance to move forward. Another thing is the story. Prague is a beautiful city. Historically, the Czech Republic is a beautiful country, with regard to the architecture and culture”.

His home Laila believes and Kazakhstan, and the Czech Republic. Such evenings as the opening of Days of Kazakhstan culture, give her the opportunity to combine both of the homeland. Chairman of the Kazakh cultural center “Elim-AI” Svetlana Shestakova told us about the activities of the centre, bringing together two cultures:

“The idea of creating a Kazakh cultural center belongs to the first Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Czech Republic Sharip Umarova. We’ve been talking about that in Prague a lot of people from Kazakhstan different nationalities and all live apart. There is no uniting centre, and it would be nice to meet, socialize, reminisce about their homeland and integrate into the Czech society. So the idea has long been in the air and so materialized”.

It’s great that there are people that support his art, such ideas and sponsors as the Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic and Prague city hall. All those interested in the program of Days of culture of Kazakhstan, it is advised to visit the activities taking place this month in Prague.

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