Sex In Eastern women

Everyone knows that in Eastern countries, sexuality is seen not so much as art but as science. Sex in these countries is not so much a goal as the path, the movement and even the development of the soul. Sexuality is considered a natural thing.

But at the same time, it’s not “animal” as an act committed only for your own satisfaction. as a way to become closer spiritually.


On attitudes to sex in China had a huge impact ancient philosophy, which considered women as being “second class”. Views and now the Chinese are clearly antifeminists nature: women are seen as inferior being compared to men. In China since ancient times valued female purity, devotion to her husband is a major in family life and the upbringing of children.

Chinese family is different in that it prevails mutual respect and care, children require behavior that does not harm the family. This atmosphere creates a special affection for each other, and the marriage is primarily to have a family. In modern China, as in ancient times, negatively assessed the naked body.

Anal and oral sex in China is considered a perversion and punishable by law. The Chinese are critical of male Masturbation (wasting the seed, they believe, is tantamount to a loss of vitality), and the female tolerated. Figures: 95% of Chinese do not get from sex is pleasure and don’t know how to please his partner.


Active sex life has always been a part of Japanese culture and Japanese still adhere to the ancient councils of books on technique of carnal love. Sexual Japanese game is characterized by a very slow and formal start, bordering on ritual. A woman collects hair in a bun and stabs them with pins, thus opening the back of the neck, which, according to Japanese ideas, looks extremely erotic. The same man then, lips slightly touches her neck or holds it lightly on the tip of his tongue. as if teasing, and only after that the partners are exposed and begin the foreplay.

When sex begins. the soft movement of hair women. sliding down, adds new paint erotic picture. Japanese couples are traditionally silent. In small wooden houses with paper partitions instead of internal walls, the partners try not to disturb others by any noise. The words, spoken in whispers, or communicate without words, but only through touch, increase the voltage. In Japan, the newlyweds handed all richly illustrated book, which shows all possible options for sex. This book is traditionally placed under a pillow to ensure a delightful wedding night.


Women coming to India from other countries, shocking frankly ardent gaze local men – hence the myth of the “Horny” Indians. Actually Indian man raised so that it simply must keep your distance in dealing with women and treat them as their sisters or mothers.

The fact that Indian women are very inaccessible, because men and are attracted to foreign women. Generally, sex in India has long been attached to the spiritual content and is truly a ritual significance. From the times of antiquity it was considered as part of many sacred rituals. As believed and believe in this country, sex is an act pleasing to God.

Generally, the impact of ancient religious customs in India very much. For example, female menstruation is perceived as a period of ritual defilement. Women in those days, leave all household chores to the servants, or daughters. Sex before marriage in India is fraught with penalties. But the system of penalties only applies to women: the code of female behavior has always been much stricter, regardless of their social status. Even the “Kama Sutra” says that the ideal of sexual perfection is achieved only in marriage.

Woman. as they say in this treatise shall meet a man and to obey all his wishes, and to keep him faithful. Love between spouses is important in India, however, it is believed that it will definitely occur and will be strengthened in their life together. To marry for love not necessarily is actually a love marriage contrary to the traditions developed over the millennia. About 95% of all marriages in India is based on the prior arrangement between the parents of the bride and groom.


Sex in Thailand has never been considered forbidden fruit. and children learn about it sooner – in 8-10 years. For each Thai men required course of initiation to the monastic life, he followed and the king and all his subjects. And only after completing this course, a man can marry. Traditionally Thais one wife. However, in city life there was an unofficial Institute of concubines. The existence of the “younger wives” as they are called, knows basic wife. It is believed that if a man got himself a “Junior wife”, then he has to contain, as well as to meet regularly. The main rule of Thai women to be pleasant to the man. to anticipate his wishes.


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