Sex in Japan

Each nationality has its peculiarities in all spheres of life, including sexual. It would seem, what could be the differences in sex? Nevertheless, national differences do exist, and they are formed over time. Every nation has its own history, traditions, different from others. The same things in matters of sex. In the distant and mysterious country, Japan, the attitude toward sex in marriage and outside of it, is significantly different from ours.

The Japanese are not eager to tie the knot, and often put it off for later.

And yet, for the Japanese family takes the main place in life. It is sacred. But the betrayal by her husband is not regarded as something immoral, something we cannot say about his wife’s infidelity. When you marry, it is preferable that the girl was a virgin. Although nowadays this condition is not mandatory, but Japanese society still condemns sexual relations before marriage. The wife should not be jealous of a spouse and tolerates all his Hobbies. Sexual relations between spouses in a Japanese family, very rare. Blame the shyness of the Japanese and not easy living conditions. Walls and partitions in Japanese homes so thin, just need silence in order not to disturb others, and so what to speak of the passionate sighs of love. A place for solitude are love hotels where it is possible to anonymously rent a room by the hour. Unfortunately, these hotels are increasingly used not for its intended purpose, and for entertainment such as video games and karaoke, because they have the cheapest access to these fun. The inability to talk about their sexual problems causes a large number of couples consider tedious sex, and sometimes even refuse it. The sad result has been the declining birth rate in Japan in recent years, and unfortunately, it continues to decline.

Though the betrayal of his wife and condemned by society, but this does not stop the weak half from this step. Often, this is because men spend most of the day at work, and linger long in the pubs and come home in fact, is already not capable of anything, including in bed. Married ladies can engage in Amateur prostitution, so they not only satisfy their sexual desires, they can earn money. Some men still who to ask, but there are also many who prefer the non-professional prostitutes.

Prostitution in Japan exists, although officially prohibited. Foreign women (Chinese women, Filipina, Koreans) professionally engaged in prostitution. But Japanese women prefer not to disclose how they spend their free time, just for the reason that they are mostly married. But not only married women are entering the ranks of prostitutes-lovers, but also a young girl who has not yet reached his majority. This is a special type of selling love, which does not necessarily include sexual relations. Mostly it’s older school girls. They meet with men who are much older than them, visit with them, recreational activities, restaurants, and just hanging out. Sex is not always included in the program. It all depends on the girl. Young beauties go at it for expensive gifts and money. They’re obsessed with fashion updates, make-up and are ready for more, all this to get.

The Japanese did not welcome the group sex, they are for traditional forms of sexual relations. However, even here it is important the hierarchy in the relationship. Sometimes they simply watch how a woman satisfies herself. One of my favorite places Japanese men – a public house. They are in any more or less large city. But public open houses are prohibited in Japan, so many Japanese prefer to spend the evening in officially authorized “fujiki”. There man can relax, and enjoy female company in full. That’s just sex not included in the list of services provided by this school. Services this geisha also do not involve sexual relations. This person will need to maintain small talk, she knows how to listen and give advice. Popular and the stores selling worn lingerie – enticing place for the fetishists.

The attitude to sex in Japanese different from ours. On the one hand it developed industry of sexual entertainment, and modesty and shyness in married life. Although, in fairness, it should be noted that all variety of sex fun and more interesting to foreigners than the Japanese themselves. When something is forbidden it becomes easily accessible, we lose interest. Therefore, the Japanese themselves are not so attracted to all these sexy fun. Apparently, they give so much time working that anything else can’t think. Shy Housewives and at this time turn into liberated women in a strange bed. And yet, in Japan sex is not considered something reprehensible, and is completely natural phenomenon.

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