South Korea


The Temple Of Gedong Engonga

The splendor of ancient temples, culture and hospitality of the locals, carefully preserved traditions combined with modern technology and new life style. Colorful markets, folk village, which recreates the everyday life of Koreans as it was a few centuries ago, a dynamic and Seoul, the shopping capital of East Asia.

There are a few good resorts for mountain skiing, for example, Yongpyong on the East coast or the Alpine ski resort near Seoraksan National Park. The ski season lasts from December to March. If you love to play Golf, you will approach South Korea. In the country there are approximately 60 sites. In South Korea, are also common activities in closed spaces, such as Billiards, bathing in the hot springs and classes in Taekwondo, a traditional martial art.


In Seoul you can visit the Royal palaces of the Joseon dynasty — today in their territory museums were opened. Located in the capital of Military history and national museums of Korea, as well as cultural complex Sejong — the largest in the country performing art center.

The ancient city of Gyeongju, the famous ancient temple of Bulguksa, which features the Emile Bell diameter more than two meters and a height of 3.78 m. a Masterpiece of Buddhist art is the granite temple Seokguram grotto with a magnificent statue of the Buddha. In Gyeongju is the oldest in Korea and in the world, Cheomseongdae Observatory. In the monastery Heins you can get acquainted with the national treasure of Korea — “Tripitaka Koreana” — the most complete collection of Buddhist writings.

Ancient dolmens in Korea, located in Koch’ang, recognized as part of world cultural heritage UNESCO. On a hilly area near the village Mesan 447 dolmens are located, weighing from 10 to 200 tons.

In Jeonju, you can buy a national paper from mulberry — hanja in Korea for centuries made umbrellas and hand fans. You can also visit the unique settlement-reserve consisting of 800 ancient Korean houses hanok. Nearby is the Museum of Korean traditional wines.

The climate

Most of the country lies in the temperate zone, which clearly felt the seasons. Spring and autumn are rather short and warm, mostly Sunny days falls on the period from March to may. The summers are hot and humid, the temperature can reach +35° C. monsoon Season usually begins in late June and lasts until mid or end of July. August — hot and humid. Autumn in late September brings continental winds and clear, dry weather, making it the most pleasant time of the year. Winter is cold (down to -10° C) and dry, with periodic rainfall in the form of snow or rain. The best time to visit is between late April to October.


In Korea presents four national cuisine: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and European. In all localities of the country — plenty of restaurants, canteens and snack bars of various profiles. Japanese restaurants are the most expensive and prestigious. Chinese is easier. European restaurant in Korea — a place where a man of moderate means when he wants to eat something unusual.

In Korea they eat a lot of rice, kvasheno-pickled vegetables collectively referred to as “kimchi” and soups are also popular dishes from fish and seafood. For dessert, usually served with fruits, tea and instead drink a variety of herbal teas and tinctures. From drinks with a degree is the most popular rice wine “makkori”, and rice liquor “soju”.


Traditional Souvenirs: embroidery, porcelain, textiles and macramé, jewelry, paintings, masks, wood and shells, dolls in traditional costumes, fans. In the country sold very beautiful lacquer ware inlaid with mother-of-pearl (jewelry boxes, snuffboxes, etc.).

Korean ceramics is a very elegant gift. When buying you should consider the color, sound and workmanship. If the ceramic has smooth surface, transparent and clear sound, it is considered to be of high quality.

Another worthy souvenir Korean traditional costume “hanbok”. You can buy them in the markets of Dongdaemun, Guangan, Namdaemun and Insadong. These markets are good for their reasonable prices, but in Insadong, moreover, you can pick up a “hanbok” the most fashionable design.

You should pay attention to the Korean Antiques: furnishings, calligraphy, ceramics, books. The greatest concentration of valuable goods is on the market Janganpyeong Seoul.

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