Tea traditions of Russia and the countries of Central Asia

And although tea is not our national drink, its all love, but to use steel for so long that it has become a part of our culture. Suffice it to recall any classic work of literature is the mention of the tea party can be found almost everywhere. And since our country is extremely original, tea ceremony and table decor for tea . always distinguished we have a special originality and uniqueness of design. Let us remember again about our tea traditions, and also about the nuances of table setting for tea.

There are on the planet where tea is a special relationship – that the countries of Central Asia. We will not be divided into separate States each have their own characteristics the use of this drink. We’ll talk about the General features of the tea ceremony and the tea in this Oriental decor, however, so near to us in spirit, the area of the Eurasian continent.

Table decoration for tea. Russia

Probably, many, at the mention of tea party in Russia still remember the picture from reading books on literature: a few extra pounds the landowner is sitting at a richly laid table. near the samovar, and with obvious pleasure drinking tea from the saucer. The tradition of drinking tea from saucers only inherent in our culture – however, the word “culture” here is not quite appropriate. In high light, and which dictated fashion, and good manners, to drink, to be exact – to sipping tea from a saucer, it was extremely filthy (in an aristocratic society dominated English tradition of tea). But now very few people remembers, and when you talk about tea in Russian, then it comes to mind it is the tradition “to drink tea” from the saucer. Unmistakably one Russian tea has always been very democratic, and any special rules of the tea ceremony didn’t exist. We can say that in every layer of society, and even each family, had its own little tradition of drinking tea.

Gradually replaced samovars teapots came – so, in a modern apartment very rare to see a samovar. But in the case of the tea ceremony in Russian style, the presence of the samovar on the table (at least electric) is compulsory.

Russian tea is always served a variety of delicious things: cakes (pancakes, cakes, pies) jam, sugar, crackers. As decoration and at the same time treats are definitely served bagels, pretzels, or bagels. This is a savoury pastries, along with a samovar, a distinctive feature of the Russian tea. Also in Russia it was common to drink tea with sugar refined.

Indispensable attribute of the tea table is beautiful, usually embroidered or lace tablecloth. swipe. cups with saucers, teapot, sockets for jam, plates with lemon; for some analogy with the English traditions, tea may be served with cream. Thanks to a rich meal to the table in the Russian tea party are quite appropriate spirits. If we talk about the dishes for serving, you can mention another device connected to drinking tea is a Cup in the Cup holder fine. Its use began in the 19th century, however, it is also inseparably linked in the minds of people with a tea tradition, so it will be quite appropriate on a retro style tea party.

And another invitation for tea in Russia has always been seen as an opportunity to talk. After all, over a Cup of tea we still talking about news, all your worldly Affairs…. No wonder foreigners say that our people the tea party replaces a trip to the psychoanalyst. It is true – the tea ceremony for us is the ability to relieve stress. In short, our country was United and Oriental philosophy of tea, and the Western tradition of communication in the process of drinking the beverage.

The tradition of tea drinking in Asia

It would seem that in tropical countries such as the countries of Central Asia, not hot tea would generally be used. … But nevertheless, this drink is a favorite for locals . In each of these countries, tea is prepared in a special way – somewhere it is served with fatty milk, fruit and sweets. In one article it is difficult to consider all the peculiarities of Central Asian tea-drinking, therefore, we will briefly outline only the most striking features of the tea ceremony.

In Central Asia tea, usually precedes the direct use of food. In each country it is brewed in a special way, and moreover it can go Oriental sweets, dry and fresh fruit. If tea is drunk separately from food, buffet is served by various national baking cakes, pies, etc. In the countries of Central Asia to drink both green and black teas.

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