The 20 most amazing facts about Korea


Despite the fact that in the world there are very few unexplored places, and the modern mass media covers all or almost all of what is happening in the world, Korea still refers to the little-studied Russian for person countries. Although, I must admit that it’s starting to get the ball rolling in recent years. There are many interesting facts that you can find just arriving on the Korean Peninsula. We would like to share some of them.

Fact 1

Korea is not big country. If you travel on continental, you can travel from one end to the other in length only 6-7 hours by car. So here are a few airports and on airplanes almost no one flies. Despite the small territory, in Korea 3720 Islands. However, their number varies from flooding.

Fact 2

In Korea it is possible to allocate all four seasons of the year. Koreans are proud of the fact that the climate in their homeland is that you can highlight the clear distinctions of four seasons.

Fact 3

About a quarter of the population of Korea, more specifically 12 million people live in Seoul. Unprecedented levels of urbanization.

Fact 4

International airport in Korea the city of Incheon was the best airport in the world 6 times, and the evaluation of different commissions – 9 times, despite the fact that he only 12 years old. Not in the last instance it was promoted by the fact that at this airport there has never been a tragic event that claimed someone’s life.

Fact 5

South Korea is one of the few countries where the language is indigenous to the country name is pronounced not as in the world. Any Korean will tell you that his country – Tianming, or just Hanguk, which means the great democratic country. There, there, no less .

Fact 6

By the way, about the origin of the name of another “land of the morning calm” few people realize. The ancient name for Korea is Choson in Chinese transcription, namely Chinese characters Koreans used until own, means just that same freshness. Poetic, isn’t it?

Fact 7

In Korea believe that blood type affects the character of the people and on the psychological compatibility. By the way, the blood type is indexed here are not as in the former USSR.

Fact 8

80% of Koreans wear glasses, most of them since childhood. Most likely, this is because Koreans have a lot to learn.

Fact 9

By the way on education. Koreans each year, vying with Singapore for the first row in the list of the most intelligent nation in the world. The average IQ is 106 points.

Fact 10

The Koreans are a proud position in the global IT market of high technologies. Here every young person will tell you who has the fastest Internet and one of the most compact and powerful chips in the world.

Fact 11

All the Koreans are obsessed with health. Even in nutrition. Sometimes it seems that Koreans don’t eat anything just. All of them useful and necessary

Fact 12

All the stories about plastic surgery in Korea – it’s true. It seems that there are no celebrities who never went under the knife. But in Seoul there is an area, where nearly 700 clinics of plastic surgery.

Fact 13

But the talk about dog meat are clearly exaggerated. The dog then eat and very rarely.

Fact 14

Almost Koreans do not wear sunglasses. Explaining that the desire to see the eyes when communicating.

Fact 15

In Korea, personal communication. often even at first meeting can ask a very personal question, “How old are you”, “Where do you live” or “What did you eat for Breakfast”. For Koreans, these issues like a display of attention and not considered indelicate.

Fact 16

In Korea’s highly developed culture of community. Not worth something to eat and drink alone without inviting others. Or work on team discipline and skills is almost above basic tasks.

Fact 17

Korean Breakfast is often not much different from lunch or dinner. The same soup with no rice, and toast with marmalade.

Fact 18

Koreans drink a lot. Surprising but their ability to come to work sober without a hint of a wild drinking party on the weekend.

Fact 19

Few Koreans know of the existence of third-party Internet browsers. All because I use only Explorer.

Fact 20

Among the Koreans is the norm to give for a birthday or New Year packaging, tea, mushrooms, bread or root of any plant. And anything shameful in this.


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