Traditions of Valentine’s Day

Gradually the feast of Saint Valentine acquired their rites and traditions, some of them have survived to our time. And in each country they are different.

In all countries this day was very popular to arrange a wedding and get married.

Some argue that in this day a woman may come to her sweet man and politely ask him to marry her. If he is not ready for such a drastic step, we must thank for the honor and give the woman a silk dress and a silk cord strung with a heart.

In some countries, unmarried women give my beloved clothes. If the girl accepted the gift, so she agrees to marry this man.

There is a belief on which the first man he met a girl on February 14, needs to be her Valentine, regardless of his wishes.

Some people believed that if on Valentines day a girl saw a Robin, she would marry a sailor if she saw a Sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be happy with him, if the goldfinch — a millionaire.

In medieval England there was a widespread custom to choose a “Valentine”. Several young people gathered together and wrote on pieces of parchment the names of the girls, put them in a hat and drew lots. The girl, whose name fell to the young man, for the whole year became his “Valentina” but he “Valentine”. “Valentine” resigned to his girlfriend’s sonnets, she played the lute, accompanied everywhere, in short, behaved like a true knight. Also it was the custom to dress children as adults. Children went from house to house and sing songs about St. Valentine. But nowadays the British have interpreted very loosely love and congratulations on Valentine’s Day not only people but also animals, such as horses or dogs.

In Wales carved wooden “spoonfuls of love” and gave them a favorite on 14 February. Spoons were decorated by hearts, keys and keyholes, which meant “you found the way to my heart”.

At the beginning of the last century, Americans on Valentine’s Day began to send their brides marzipan. But marzipan contains sugar, which then were very expensive. Truly the magnitude of this tradition acquired after 1800 began to be widely used sugar beet. Americans urgently established on the continent the production of caramel and began to claw at the corresponding holiday candy words. Caramels made with red and white. Red meant passion and white to purity of love. In 50-ies of the candy began to lay in cardboard boxes in the shape of a heart.

In Japan began to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the 30-ies of our century. Wound up not tradition itself, but with the filing of a large company for the production of chocolate. Chocolate remains the most common gift on this day. And in our time the Japanese turned Valentine’s Day “March 8 for men”. On this day gifts in Japan give mostly men. And give made all sorts of men’s accessories (razors, lotions, wallets, etc.). And in this day held an event called “the Most high-profile recognition love” — climb on the platform boys and girls and take turns screaming my love confession.

The French on Valentine’s Day decided to give jewelry. And yet the gallant French were the first to introduce “Valentine” as love messages-quatrains.

Poles prefer calm on this day to visit the Poznan metropolis, where according to legend, relics of St. Valentine, and over the main altar is his miraculous icon. The poles believe that the pilgrimage to her help in love Affairs.

Carefree Italians celebrate Valentine’s Day differently. They consider it their duty to give sweetheart gifts, mostly sweets. In Italy this day is called “sweet”.

Conservative Germans stubbornly believe Valentine the patron Saint of the mentally ill and decorated on this day asylums scarlet ribbons, and in the chapels hold a special worship service.

To us in the Ukraine . as in other CIS countries, this holiday came in the early 90s and soon outgrew the scope of the Catholic feast, and became truly popular and loved. Although, it should be noted that in Russia was a lovers ‘ holiday. It was celebrated on July 8 and was associated with the legendary love story of Peter and Fevronia.

Customs are different in different Nations. But the essence is one. Love is always beautiful, it’s always a holiday! Let this holiday be with You not only on Valentine’s day, but every day of Your life!

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