Treatment in Korea

Motive treatment in South Korea — inexpensive and modern medicine

Medical tours to South Korea earned its popularity not just.

The most complex operations with the use of robotic systems, modern hospitals with the highest level of service, medical professionals and reasonable cost – this mix is not offered by anybody.

Treatment in South Korea – why?

Not quite healthy organism in conditions of high degree of insolation or humidity may behave otherwise, what will prevent the healing process.

In Korea the mild climate where the four seasons clearly follow each other. A particularly good spring and fall. Best time is from may to October.

Highly qualified doctors .

And these are not empty words. To get a medical education here difficult.

Competition and the difficulty of examination tasks lead to the fact that the license to practice is issued only 90% of the graduates.

The innovative technology .

Korea for decades, confirmed its leadership in the development and implementation of innovations. They are used in the medical field.

For example, when the patient prepares an individual card. It gives access to services: from consultation to diagnosis and treatment.

The information is stored in the database and the patient has the opportunity to visit different institutions without re-inspection.

Low cost .

Korean hospitals are not inferior to the level of American and Japanese. The only difference is the price.

Even in comparison with Thailand and Singapore, this indicator remains attractive. Some operations are cheaper by 30-50%.

The patients and their attendants traveling to Korea for treatment or diagnosis, a visa is issued once in 3 months or multiple entry for 1 year.

What services are offered by Korean hospitals

Detailed diagnosis and treatment in Korea are closely interrelated, which allows to detect diseases at early stages and to choose an individual programme of getting rid of them.

The clinics offer a wide range of screening options: basic, advanced, individual.

To change appearance or to correct flaws? Korean services in this perfect plan.

Aesthetic microsurgery, cosmetic care, plastic region developed at the highest level.

In Korea the entire period of treatment of the patient is accompanied by an individual translator.

No translation difficulties: the entire period of treatment the patient is accompanied by individual translator, and the staff is so friendly and warm that the language barrier was not felt.

Pediatrics is respected

The attitude to children in South Korea special. Young patients are in an environment of attention and care.

The interiors of the clinics remind you of the Playground. Everything was done to minimize the possibility of psychological trauma. Parents can even be present in the operating room if necessary.

The effectiveness of treatment of children in Korea are guaranteed the latest equipment to diagnose diseases and the conduct of operations, comprehensive approach, high level of professionalism of doctors.

The cost of treatment

Approximate prices for treatment in South Korea look like this:

Blepharoplasty – from $ 1500.

Mammoplastika – from 5000 USD.

Removal of cancer of the uterus – from 7000 USD.

ECO – from 4000 USD.

The restoration of view – from 3300$.

Baseline survey – from 500 USD.

Prosthetic heart valve – from 19000 USD.

The removal of the thyroid gland is 8000-12000 dollars.

Medicine Korea does not need to prove its effectiveness: the average life expectancy in the country is 80 years .

What do patients say

To see the network negative reviews about treatment in South Korea is still necessary to try. Here is some feedback from former patients:

Yuri, 35 years :

5 years my wife and I were treated for infertility in Russia. The result – a waste of money, lost health (courses of antibiotics 1-2 times a month from different diseases), zero effect. Have been screened in Seoul, clinic Mizmedi. Problem wife decided immediately. After a month got pregnant. Tatyana, 45 years :

Treating Oncology in Korea. The doctors are really professionals: conducted a complex surgery, not even leaving a scar.

Korean doctor – a prestigious and well-paid position, so the doctors value their reputation, doing everything to the healing process was quick and comfortable.

The medicine of the future for South Korea!

The benefits of treatment in Korea all types of diseases

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