Wedding in Japan

For centuries in Japan, love was considered an unnecessary element family relations. Until the early TWELFTH century was raspostranen polygamy, especially in aristocratic circles. Interestingly, after the wedding, my husband lived in the house of his wife and her relatives. Having several wives, the husband moved to potjanee year, from one house to another.

In the TWELFTH with the emergence of the samurai class marriage has become monogamous. Although, men still had the right to have fun on the side. In marriage, virginity was only necessary for the bride. The wife is completely subordinate to the husband. Her life and her property passed into his possession. Marriage in samurai families was more of a war clan or Union. The final word in the consent to the marriage belonged to the elders. Now this tradition is almost lost.

True to the tradition

Up to the present day in Japan preserved the ancient tradition to play weddings in the summer. Very popular wedding halls in sintoistskim, Buddhist or Christian style, the decoration of which and the altar, reminiscent of the temple only. The Japanese are tolerant of other religions and for them it does not matter which religion will be the Church for the wedding ceremony. The main thing that was beautiful and festive! Traditional Japanese wedding ceremony simple. The bride in a white kimono made of a heavy dense matter, in a high wig and a white decoration on his head similar to the round hood. The groom — in a wedding kimono wide cut.

The first temple in the bride comes in for her — the groom. They lay to the altar sanctified the branches of a Sakaki tree. During the ceremony the bride and groom exchange cups. Three times, to SIP, they drink the sake, cooked a special recipe.

They give each other the oath of allegiance. Exchange of rings — the custom is borrowed in the West. For an engagement ring the bride is supposed to give a ring, usually a diamond. The priest blesses the newlyweds. The whole ceremony lasts about 20 minutes. The first temple husband goes behind him — wife. To symbolize obedience to her husband, emphasizing that he — the head of the family.

The bride’s attire

The most important thing in the wedding of Japanese — this is a wedding outfit of the bride. Specially invited women comb and dress up the bride. It takes a few hours.

First the bride’s face with a special cream is rubbed, massaged, then covered with a thick layer of powder. The face becomes like a pearl-white mask, where » paint» the facial features.

Holiday kimono – clad clothing, which is impossible to put on yourself. Must possess patience and great patience to endure a long period » wrap».

Wedding kimono is very expensive. The fabric it is made manually. In embroidery uses gold and silver threads. When coloring fabric – powder of gold and silver powders. Wedding kimono sew only masters of the highest class. Now svadebnye kimono hire.

High headdress of the bride is designed to hide » horns of jealousy», who, according to the Japanese, every woman has.

Modern wedding

Modern Japanese young people dream of a luxurious romantic wedding. For this reason, wedding often happens in Western style. White wedding dress of the bride, from veils to shoes, and the groom’s suit hire in the Church, which will host the wedding. After the official part of the ceremony guests are invited in a Banquet hall or restaurant.

In times of economic prosperity, at the wedding ceremony were spent huge funds. To big drink in front of guests, under stirring music, the couple was walking down the hall to the soaring decorated gondola. Or bride came from a giant wedding cake… a gift for the newlyweds decided to give money in a special envelope on which the name of the giver. The guest names are entered in a special guestbook.

During the Banquet, the bride changes several times. After wearing a white kimono or colored kimono dress. This custom means that after marriage vows, the wife returns to daily life and are ready to start a new life with her husband. The groom, also dressed in another kimono, a suit or a tuxedo, depending on bride’s attire.

The big wedding celebration is led by the toastmaster. All the guests recite a congratulatory toasts in strict sequence, depending on the relationship towards the couple and social status. When greeting, avoid certain words, e.g. » cutting», » return» — they mean the rupture of a close relationship. The best option — words denoting gifts and happiness.

According to Japanese tradition, the gifts presented at the wedding not only newlyweds but also the guests. And it’s not a formality. Carefully selected gifts the bride and groom and each guest must present something special.

After the wedding, the couple going on their honeymoon. A very popular place — romantic Hawaiian Islands.


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