Wedding in Korea

Korean wedding is a wedding ceremony two: the European and national style.

In many European ceremony similar to wedding from the movies. Beautifully decorated wedding hall, the man, the registering Registrar, a family friend who speaks. You may wish to invite a priest as the main religion professed by the population is Christianity, in particular Catholicism. But it also has elements of national traditions, too. For example, when the ceremony begins, the first in the hall are both mothers (bride and groom), ceremony held on the carpet and stand in front of the guests.

Then they canayda each other as a sign of respect and light red (mother of the bride) and blue (mother of the groom) candles symbolizing the opening of the celebration. Then the red carpet is the bridegroom, and stands again in front of guests. Solemn music plays. Under Mendelssohn’s March father of the bride leading her by the hand, at this time the husband comes to meet and takes the bride’s hand from the father’s hand. This is all very symbolic: now the full responsibility for the bride bears the husband. Then the couple comes to the marriage Registrar, who read out the speech and words of encouragement to the newlyweds. As is customary, asked the bride and groom if they agree to get married. The first takes the ring to the groom, who puts it on the finger of the left hand is already his wife. The bride does the same. Another traditional feature is that after that, the bride and groom bow to each other, then low (to the floor) bow first his parents, then the parents of the girl. Parents from both sides and the couple bowing to all the guests. By tradition, the newlyweds sadovitsa the candles and cut the wedding cake. After all that steam under the Mendelson waltz slowly walks toward the exit and back are shot several times from crackers. Both find themselves in confetti and brightly-colored rain. The wedding ceremony in European style finishes.

Video. Wedding fireworks

The husband and wife back in the hall for a  shoot with family and friends. By the way, this part is throwing the bride’s bouquet. Again, in contrast to European traditions, the bouquet catch only one girl, meaning there is no competition in the form of a couple of dozen hands, a bouquet of carefully throws one contender for happiness.

While the husband and wife dress up in national costumes Korean – hanbok . guests eating in the restaurant. Usually in the next room put on the table in the form of a Swiss table with lots of food, so guests can choose what they like. The husband and wife, in disguise, pass under the handle in the restaurant to welcome guests, and bow to the guests around each table (shallow bow in 20-30 degrees). Congratulations and best wishes flow like water. Usually the husband and wife sit down where it suits them and also eat.

While all the guests were eating, the members of the family are in a special room, which is decorated in national style. There are allowed only family members and close friends. There is the traditional wedding ceremony . Wife dressed up in wedding hanbok red and husband – in blue. In the end, a pair similar to the Emperor and Empress Korean dynasty.

Low table type kontakty decorated with a special wedding chicken, root of ginseng, chestnuts, Chinese dates and all sorts of sweets. At the table first, sit my husband’s parents. A pair of synchronously deep bows to the floor. After the bow they poured Korean wine. After drinking, parents say their wishes for the newlyweds, then throw on canvas of the husband and wife stand before them in a table, some chestnuts and Chinese dates. It turns out that the chestnut is the symbol of girl and dates boy. This determines how many grandchildren they want and of what sex. Then my husband’s parents give the money in an envelope on a wedding trip. The same is done and the wife’s parents. After the parents came the relatives. They also made bows, and parents. There’s only one difference – they didn’t throw dates and chestnuts. It’s a privilege only parents. Then husband and wife sit at the table and poured each other the same wine, and what parents and relatives, and then drink on the brotherhood. The husband puts in his wife’s mouth a date, but she’s not there. It is a catch teeth mate and he is also mate in turn and both together take a mile. The seed should be one in the mouth. After that, the husband and wife gives a lift on his back and makes a circle around the table. This symbolizes that now the wife is in the care of her husband and he has enough power to contain her. The husband then collects all the donated envelopes and passes them to his wife. Also very symbolic – now the wife of the rightful owner of all the money her husband earns, she manages.

In Korea it is customary to do a wedding shoot. Most often it is conducted before the wedding, because right after the wedding, the newlyweds go on their honeymoon.

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