What are the most bizarre Japanese tradition?

Japan has many customs that to us seem strange, but if you think about it, they have deep meaning and they are for the Japanese force of law.

Europeans unaccustomed constant talk about Japanese food, and at mealtime they all talk only about how good the food is. It is considered very rude if a boy said while eating “Oishi” (delicious) at least two or three times.

The Japanese eat everything that swims in the sea, including dolphins. Dolphin meat tastes very different from fish, it is sometimes even eaten raw. You can cook the soup; a popular dish from Dolphin meat – “koseki”, something like a kebab.

Perhaps eating a lot of seafood is the reason that the woman with overweight is an extremely rare phenomenon.

Tipping in Japanese restaurants is considered an insult. Client hereby gives to understand that he is above the waiter. But if he paid exactly what is written in the score – they are equal.

In Japan, earthquakes happen often, it happens that the store or the apartment opened, no one. But to come in and take something that is considered a very big sin. Also – and not to give the police the money was found. Japanese police are incorruptible. Try to shove a bribe – the horror, the horror, the horror. But you can avoid punishment for a small violation, pretending to be “boots”: not know, not understand, a foreigner, not anymore.

But if the police arrested for something serious, then lawyered up is useless. Thirty days – no lawyer.

Pornography in Japan – every step of the way. Even in the grocery store you can buy “Hentai” (“izvrashenie”) – cards, books, movies erotic and pornographic content. Not to mention the big stores, where “it” is given sometimes several floors.

Talking about your feelings is considered indecent. Even right to say to the girl: “Sides” (“I love you”) is undesirable, it is better to Express this idea, that is, “workaround”. Earlier weddings were often arranged by parents, the bride and groom saw each other before the wedding only once. Could say “no”, then the family will seek another “candidacy”. Of course, now run a more modern, Western ways of Dating, but today, a third of weddings are traditionally organized by the bride and matchmaking.

Even my brother and sister usually talk to the point and very rare. Ask, say, Japanese cell phone number to his sister – he just doesn’t know it, but why? It doesn’t mean they don’t love each other or are fighting. Just so accepted. Everyone has their own life.

Alcohol is the Japanese drink very little and weak. Traditional rice wine “sake” (rather, it’s not even vodka, beer and rice – and of manufacturing process, and content of alcohol) have a strength of 20 degrees, but usually drink it diluted to 15 degrees. From strong drinks Japanese for some reason blushes heavily and loses control of himself. However, there are exceptions (rarely) – some Japanese people can drink so much that any Russian “break” before.

Once a week a Japanese family takes a bath in the same tub sink turns the whole family, in this case water does not change. But in front of the bathroom taken a shower.

To invite guests to the house not accepted. The expression “come someday” is just a polite phrase, which must be answered “definitely” and forget. If you do get invited, be sure with the time and place and most often in writing.

“Workaholic” is about Japanese. It happens that the two are working normal eight-hour shifts in one day and without a break. To come to work ten minutes before is to late. Normally for half an hour. Every year up to ten thousand people die from the disease, which is called “karoshi”, which means in Japanese “peretruhina”.

Pension in Japan, as in many countries, depend on the size of the salary, but if for some reason the Japanese have not managed to earn a decent pension, then that’s his problem. Maximum social benefit for the elderly is about three hundred dollars.

On the streets of Japanese cities evropeec can also see many unusual, such as special baskets with umbrellas. If suddenly it began to rain, and you have no umbrella – grab your favourite umbrella, but do not forget then to put it in the nearest bin. Good custom, eh?

And how do you like heated sidewalks to form frost?

Not a single trash can on the street no. But in each house the four containers: the garbage which can burn, for garbage that does not burn, to waste, which are recycled. A separate container for glass waste.

The Japanese believe their language is very difficult (which is true) and that to learn it is impossible to a foreigner. So if you know Japanese at least a few phrases, then you will be regarded with great respect.

Cursing in Japanese is almost there, except that the word “tank” (“stupid person”). Foreigners the Japanese call “gaijin” (“stranger”). The phrase “Baka-gaijin” the Japanese called the Americans.


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